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    24 Kits - Bulk Case of Wholesale Teen Basic Hygiene & Toiletries for Men, Women, Travel, Charity

    • VALUE PACK - Why buy retail when you can buy wholesale? Get the most out of your budget by purchasing 24 pre-packaged kits for one low price.
    • DONATION READY - Are you looking to contribute to a good cause? Convenient for businesses or non-profit groups such as charities, churches, schools, or government agencies.
    • USEFUL FOR - Homeless shelters, mission trips, schools, airbnb toiletries, hotels, natural disasters, hurricane relief, and more.
    • IDEAL FOR - These basic hygiene kits contain the essentials to help keep: boys, girls, teens, men and women feeling clean and fresh.
    • EACH KIT INCLUDES - Each kit includes: 2 oz. Shampoo and Body Bath (clear bottle), #1/2 Deodorant Soap (vegetable based), .5 oz Stick Deodorant, 0.6 oz Toothpaste, 30 Tuft Toothbrush

    Convenience Kits International Men's Premium, Kit, 1 Count

    • TSA COMPLIANT KIT WITH TRAVEL-SIZE PRODUCTS IN BAG: This Men's travel kit contains essential travel-size toiletries and accessories to "carry-on" Airline for Leisure or Business Travel, and of course, perfect for Male College Students
    • TRAVEL SIZE TOILETRIES: Includes popular national brand grooming, hygiene, and oral care products
    • ALSO IDEAL FOR: holiday gift and stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, the Health Club, busy College Student, Summer Sleep Away Camp, and Father's Day
    • TRUSTED COMPANY: CONVENIENCE KITS has sold travel kits for 25 years
    Best  Book On Womens Hygiene

    24 Kits - Large Bulk Case of Wholesale PREMIUM Adult Airbnb Toiletries & Hygiene Kits for Women, Men, Travel, Charity…

    • VALUE PACK - Why buy retail when you can buy wholesale? Get the most out of your budget by purchasing 24 pre-packaged kits for one low price.
    • DONATION READY - Are you looking to contribute to a good cause? Convenient for businesses or non-profit groups such as charities, churches, schools, or government agencies.
    • USEFUL FOR - Homeless care package supplies, shelters, survival kits, mission trips, schools, airbnb toiletries, hotels,emergency supplies for disaster preparedness, natural disasters, hurricane relief, blessing bags, giveaways, drives and more.
    • IDEAL FOR - These basic hygiene kits contain the essentials to help keep: teens, men and women feeling clean and fresh. Equipped with LARGE sized toiletries, this item is more than a one use hygiene supply kit.
    • EACH KIT INCLUDES - 6 1/2" Handle Comb, 50 Tuft Nylon Toothbrush, 8 oz. Shampoo and Body Bath (clear bottle) (USA), 0.85 oz Shave Gel Tube (clear tube), Adult Hairbrush, 4.6 oz. Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste (individual box), 4 oz. Hand & Body Lotion (clear bottle) (USA), 4 oz. Hair Conditioner (clear bottle) (USA), 2 Single Blade Razor (orange handle), 1 oz Deodorant Soap (vegetable based) all in a clear travel size zip lock bag.

    MANSCAPED The Crop Cleanser, Men's All-In-One Invigorating Hair and Body Wash, Refreshing Shower Gel For Men, Male Care, Hygiene Wash

    • CROP CLEANSER: Our uniquely formulated moisturizing hair and body wash was designed specifically for active lifestyles and total body cleansing. The formula is Infused with natural hydrators like Aloe Vera and Sea Salt to leave your skin clean, fresh, moisturized, and reinvigorated. This refreshing all-in-one cleanser is perfect for post-trimming in the shower.
    • HOW TO USE : Crop Cleanser is perfect to use before and after body trimming or for your everyday shower. For shampooing, pump 1-2 squirts into your hands and lather up your hair, luxuriating in that crisp, man-friendly scent. To use as a body wash, apply 2-4 pumps to a washcloth, then vigorously scrub your body, paying special attention to the just-trimmed areas.
    • MISSION: MANSCAPED created its lineup of tools and products to take care of a man's face, body, and important bits. Our products help you maintain by trimming, shaving, cleansing, and treating your skin with care. Our mission is to create superior products to elevate man's grooming experience. We strive to engineer tools and formulations to empower all men to be the best versions of themselves. We take pride in crafting specific products to help men feel more confident, comfortable, and healthy
    • FORMULATED TO PERFORM: Do not taunt Crop Cleanser. Crop Cleanser does not fool around when it comes to washing away sports and physical activity-related side effects like sweat, bacteria, and dirt. It’s also perfect to reinvigorate you every morning before work and keep you awake during the day. It features a special formula to make sure your body is not too dry or too oily, keeping you fresh and hydrated all dang day long.
    • WHY WE CREATED CROP CLEANSER: Men can take on a certain, let’s say, aroma, as the day goes on. It’s not masculine. It’s just plain funky. Your armpits, groin zone, skin, and facial hair—they can all get sweaty, oily, and, well, ripe. MANSCAPED wanted to create a product that gives a man the confidence to know that in a sweaty sea of humanity, he’s the one who looks, feels, and smells as cool and clean as a crisp breeze on a brisk autumn day.
    Best  Personal Hygiene Book

    TravelMore Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag Organizer & Bathroom Hygiene Dopp Kit with Hook for Traveling Accessories Toiletries Bathroom Shaving & Makeup for Men and Woman - Black

    • MEDIUM CAPACITY TOILETRY BAG: Our lightweight shower bag is 10 x 5.2 x 6.0 inches and is the right size for all your small travel items like toothbrushes, deodorants, travel sized shampoo, toothpaste, makeup and shaving creams.
    • MULTI COMPARTMENTS & HANGABLE HOOK: Our waterproof portable dopp kit has one main compartment, one mesh zippered compartment, and one outside zippered compartment allowing you to easily store all your travel sized toiletries. The attached hook allows you to hang the bag on the back of a door or towel rail.
    • MANY APPLICATIONS: Our traveler bag can be used as travel essentials case, cosmetic bag, healthcare bag, backpack or gym bag and is a perfect choice to put in your suitcase on any business or family trip, outdoor activity, camping or vacation.
    • HIGH QUALITY & EASY TO CLEAN: Our leakproof overnight bag is made out of quality material and is compact, sturdy, durable, water proof and resistant, light weight and has double internal lining.

    Joriole Intimate Hygiene Wash for Men Imported from Netherlands,pH Balance for Sensitive Skin,No Coloring, No Alcohol, No Harmful Chemicals,Natural Herbal Ingredient,Male Care,Body Wash

    • INTIMAL CARE FOR MEN:This intimate wash is specially formulated to provide extra protection for intimate skin. The pH-balanced formula is enriched with soothing chamomile extract, Sophora Flavescens extract and Stemona Japonica extract to keep your intimate area healthy and fresh all day long.
    • CLEAN AND FRESH: When you've had a hard day at work or an energetic workout, you want to relax your body quickly. This daily intimate wash is the ideal choice for you. Use it while bathing to get your intimate parts fresh, clean, non-greasy and back in shape.
    • EXCELLENT TECHNOLOGY: Our products are made of high quality materials and advanced technology. We have passed the certification of natural herbal ingredients, Dutch QC quality and safety certification.
    • NATURAL AND SAFE: These hygiene products for men are derived from natural herbal formulas and are professionally skin tested to prove that they contain no dyes, no alcohol, no harmful chemicals and no allergic factors. Every drop is responsible for your health.
    • NOTE: This intimate hygiene wash for men is used for daily cleaning of the intimate area. After washing hands and skin, squeeze out an appropriate amount of this product onto the skin, rub until lathered, and then rinse off with warm water. Note that this product is for external use only and should not be used internally.

    GENT Foaming Ball Wash for Men, Mens Genital Wash for Sensitive Skin, Moisturizing for Daily Use, Hygiene Product Helps Prevent Dryness, Odor, Itching (200ml / 6.8 fl oz)

    • NO DRYING OUT OR IRRITATION FROM HARSH SOAP - Keep it smooth and fresh down there with moisturizing male genital wash. GENT cleaner for mens hygiene gives a good lather with foaming for moisturizing yet clean wash.
    • STAY ODOR-FREE, ITCH-FREE - Practice good hygiene and prevent smegma buildup which can cause inflammation and smelling. Wash your penis and groin area with this gentle penis cleaner once a day. Men who still have their foreskin should gently clean underneath it.
    • COOLING & REFRESHING SENSATION - For best penis health, keep your genital area cool and dry. Enjoy the fresh and cooling feeling with this intimate wash after working out, sweating, using condom or lubricants.
    • NATURAL AND QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Made without Sulfates, Parabens and other synthetic preservatives that can cause irritation and dryness, GENT intimate wash uses quality plant extracts for best results. Woodsy, musk scent. Made in Korea
    • DIRECTIONS - Apply the foaming men genital wash to external areas including penis and scrotum and wherever sweat can collect. Gently massage to cleanse and rinse with water. Can be used daily during shower or bath. (Also check out fem Intimate Wash for Women.)

    Classic ToppCock Silver Leave-On Hygiene Gel for Man Parts, 90ml Odor Neutralizer, Male Care Moisturizing Body Hygiene

    • ODOR NEUTRALIZER - The leave-on hygiene gel can be used to neutralize odor on man parts and help with itch and rash, as well as keep man parts clean and fresh all day long.
    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - The hygiene care product is infused with tea tree oil for cleaning and aloe vera for healing and moisturizing, safe to use with high performance.
    • PERFECT POST-SHAVING CARE - The men’s intimate wash is designed to hydrate and soothe skin after hair removal, relieve razor burns and perfect for post-shaving treatment.
    • EASY TO USE - The moisturizing deodorant can be applied easily to body parts at any time with no need to rinse like other masculine washes, perfectly getting absorbed by skin without leaving sticky or powdery residue.
    • 100% MONEY-BACK - If you, for whatever reasons, do not like our male body hygiene within 30 days, please feel free to contact us and we will, within 24 hours, arrange a full refund or a replacement without any questions asked.

    Dude Products Body Powder, Menthol Chill 4 Ounce Bottle Natural Deodorizers Cooling Menthol & Aloe, Talc Free Formula, Corn-Starch Based Daily Post-Shower Deodorizing Powder for Men, Cooling Menthol

    • Long Lasting Stank Protection: It's time your boys got their own natural deodorant and talc-free men's body powder; Use Menthol Chill DUDE Powder daily after you shower to keep the ball pit smelling clean and fresh; It's 24-hour freshness for your boys
    • Soothes and Chills Naturally: As soon as you apply DUDE Powder do your DUDE regions, you'll feel the natural, game-changing menthol chill; That means it's working hard to keep your chassis cool, happy and stank-free for your whole grimy, sweaty, DUDE day
    • Made In the USA: DUDE Powder is made in the good ol' US of A from natural ingredients like corn starch, aloe, menthol and peppermint extracts; No talc, aluminum, parabens or other nasty ingredients; Just pure, natural DUDE stank protection
    • See The Light: One day, in their Chicago apartment, the DUDES started using baby wipes instead of toilet paper and immediately saw the light; We decided to make our first product, flushable single travel packets of Dude Wipes; Butt we didn't stop there
    • Dude Products: Welcome to the fresh life; We make self-care products for DUDES that get the job done, from our original flushable DUDE Wipes to face and shower wipes, deodorant body powders and body sprays
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